Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are machine-readable blocks of information, easily and quickly interpreted by a camera. They were first used in the Japanese auto industry to track inventory, but have since become the primary way to transmit information from a print to digital.

How do QR Codes Work?

Smartphones have apps that can scan a QR Code and interpret it for you. Depending on the content of the QR Code, it will show you an article, send you to watch a video, give you a coupon, enter you in a contest, ‘Like’ a brand, compose a tweet, add to your address book... nearly anything you can imagine.

How do QR Codes Benefit my Business?

The portion of your audience that scans your QR Code is engaged, interested, and connected to your brand. What you do with that engagement is up to you, but the QR Code has delivered these people to you. Whatever your goal, your conversion rate is going to be higher with a QR Code than without.

Why would I put a QR Code on my business card?

A QR Code is the fastest way into a phone’s contact list. You can embed your name, phone numbers, email, website, address and more in a QR Code, rather than asking anyone to type all of that in.

How can I increase engagement and scan-through rates?

Follow these three rules:

  1. When printed, the QR Code must be at least 1.5 inches across
  2. Make the QR Code stand out as an attractive and integrated part of the design
  3. Tell your audience clearly what they’re going to get if they scan the QR Code

Which QR Code reader is the best?

Will I Lose scans with a visually complex QR Code?

Ultimately, you get more scans with a good-looking but complex QR Code. As your QR Code looks less and less like a QR Code, and more like an integrated part of your design, your engagement and scan-through rates increase, but some older software and hardware has trouble picking it up.

How do I explain to my boss that QRphoria QR Codes are a good idea?

“Can you read Japanese? No? Well imagine you’re in a Japanese book store. Which book do you pick? You don’t pick the ones that look the same as all the others. You pick the book with the nicest cover. No one reads QR Code. So if you want to get scanned, you need the QR Code with the nicest cover.”

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