Your QR Code Deserves to Be Beautiful

Your style and branding should extend to all of your advertisements - and that includes QR Codes. A good-looking QR Code can more than triple your engagement and scan-through rates. Get rid of those black and white boxes for good, replacing them with a QR Code people want to scan.

Making your QR Code is Free, Easy, and Quick

Have 30 seconds? Create and download a beautiful QR Code right now, with your colors, your style and your content. No accounts, no logging in, no payments, no ads, and nothing between you and your audience.

Change Content from Your Personal Dashboard

When your audience scans your QR Code, make sure they don’t wind up on a broken website. Control the content of all of your QR Codes from your personal dashboard, making changes on the fly.

Tracking with Reports that Matter

You need the raw numbers, but you also need them in context. Access your tracking data anytime from your personal dashboard, with up to the moment statistics and reports that tell you plainly how you’re performing compared to similar campaigns.

Custom QR Code Design That Lasts

Need a custom designed QR Code? We’ll do you one better: QRphoria can design a QR Code template for your exclusive use. Once you approve our design, we’ll code it into the app, locked for your use only. After that, make as many QR Codes as you want, all with your new design.

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